labphant Magnet Photo Frame for Fridge 4 x 6 Inch Pictures – Great for Displaying Pics on The Refrigerator


Make Your Favorite Moments Unforgettable! Magnetic Picture Frames are perfect for displaying your favorite memories at home, school or the office. Use them to decorate your refrigerator, filing cabinet, locker or magnetic whiteboards. Each magnetic photo frame will be sure to hold and protect your photos no matter where you use them. Focus On The Photo, Not The Frame! Solid white backing and thin borders offer a simple way to show off your entire picture without cropping out any details and add a highlight when displaying smaller photos. No matter what you spent on the frame, everyone knows that the real value is what is kept inside of the frame! Worry No More About Slamming The Door! These full-magnetic backing photo frames are slam-proof, meaning they will not fall from your fridge when someone slams the door, so no need to worry about your pictures being knocked off and stepped on. The magnetic photo frame will protect your pictures from accidental cooking splashes and wipes clean easily with a damp cloth. Your Memories Won’t Fade Away! Our PVC cover is crystal clear and UV protected to stand up against sunlight and fluorescent light, it will not yellow over time, so your precious photos won’t fade. The snug fit of our magnetic photo frame will hold your photo securely in either horizontal or vertical direction. Perfect For Any Occasion! These amazing magnet photo frames make an amazing gift for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, house warming or even an accessory for your own home. Use them to mount your favorite recipes, important information & phone numbers, memorable newspaper clippings, or your favorite photos. Stop staring at that unruly fridge and get it organized quickly, order yourself a set or two today!



  • STRONG & FULL COVERAGE: Full magnetic backing will hold your refrigerator picture frame magnets firmly to any metallic surface like refrigerators, filing cabinets, metal doors and magnetic whiteboards.
  • CHERISHED DISPLAY: Magnetic photo frames can be used as vertical or horizontal picture magnets for refrigerators, turning your fridge into a beautiful display of precious memories.
  • OPEN ENDED DESIGN: Easily insert and remove photos from either end of your magnetic picture frame. No hassle when adding that new grandparents picture frame to your fridge photo magnets.
  • VISIBILITY & PROTECTION: As strong as acrylic, but with more flexibility, our PVC cover stays clear and will not yellow over time. The UV coating protects your special photos from sunlight and fluorescent lighting and prevents fading.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Durable magnetic frames for your fridge are easily wiped clean from accidental splashes and splatters with a slightly damp cloth.


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